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A-7E Corsair II U.S. NAVY VA-93 Blue Blazers, 1979 (1:72 Scale)

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SKU JCW-72-A7-006
Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, this 1:72 scale replica faithfully captures the essence of the A-7E Corsair II. From its sleek lines to the authentic U.S. Navy livery, every aspect has been meticulously reproduced, showcasing the true beauty and power of this iconic aircraft.

The A-7E Corsair II was renowned for its exceptional maneuverability, precision strike capabilities, and versatility in a variety of mission roles. This model accurately represents the aircraft's distinctive features, including its sleek fuselage, swept wings, and powerful engine.

Operated by the esteemed VA-93 Blue Blazers, this A-7E Corsair II model pays tribute to the skilled pilots and crews who flew and maintained this aircraft. The Blue Blazers have a proud history of contributing to the U.S. Navy's mission and demonstrating their commitment to excellence.

The 1979 edition of this 1:72 scale model captures a specific period in the operational history of the A-7E Corsair II, allowing enthusiasts to relive the exciting moments and missions undertaken by the VA-93 Blue Blazers.

Measuring approximately 9.4 inches in length, 8.3 inches in wingspan, and 2.8 inches in height, this 1:72 scale A-7E Corsair II model is perfect for display and collection. Its compact size allows for easy showcasing on a shelf, desk, or within a dedicated model aircraft cabinet.

Immerse yourself in the world of military aviation with this exceptional 1:72 Scale A-7E Corsair II U.S. NAVY VA-93 Blue Blazers model. Whether you are a dedicated aviation enthusiast, collector, or supporter of the U.S. Navy, this model is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the history and significance of this iconic attack aircraft.

Experience the legacy of the A-7E Corsair II and pay tribute to the skilled members of the VA-93 Blue Blazers with this meticulously crafted 1:72 scale replica. Order yours today and elevate your aviation collection to new heights!
Scale 1:72
Pack Size 6
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