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Chinese (PLAN) Aircraft Carrier, LiaoNing (16)

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Liaoning is a Chinese Type 001 aircraft carrier. The first aircraft carrier commissioned into the People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Forces, she is classified as a training ship, intended to allow the Navy to experiment, train and gain familiarity with aircraft carrier operations.

Originally laid down in 1985, she was built by the Black Sea Shipyard, the sole manufacturer of Soviet aircraft carriers in Mykolaiv. Soviet's plan was to build two aircraft carriers at the beginning, one is now the Admiral Kuznotsov, the sole Russian navy aircraft carrier, the other one was named Varyag, which had never been completed due to the dissolution of Soviet Union in 1991. The stripped hulk including drawings were eventually sold by Ukraine in 1998 and towed to the Dalian Naval shipyard located  in northeast China. After a decade of relifting and deploying the latest technology into the ship, on September 25, 2012, the Liaoning CV-16 aircraft carrier was classified with designation of Type 001 in the People's Liberation Army Navy, she was intended as a training ship, allowing the Navy to gain various knowledges towards aircraft carrier operations. The Liaoning aircraft carrier was finally announced to be combat ready in November 2016. 

Scale 1:700
Carton Volume (CBM) 0.112
Pack 4

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