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Douglass SBD-3 Dauntless (1:72 Scale)

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Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 7 x   in. 

Model History & Information: First flown in 1938, The Douglas SBD Dauntless was the United States Navy's main dive-bomber during World War II. The Dauntless featured "Swiss cheese" flaps-dive brakes punched with 3-inch holes, which helped it achieve pinpoint accuracy when diving to the target. The cockpit accommodated the pilot, who doubled as the bombardier and manned a fixed-forward gun. The rear cockpit contained a machine gun and played a major defensive role. During the Battle of Midway, SBD dive-bomber attacks fatally damaged all four of the Japanese aircraft carriers, and heavily damaged two cruisers.

Model Features & Details:

  • 1/72 Scale Diecast Replica of the Douglass SBD-3 Dauntless Dive Bomber used in WWII.
  • An instructional sheet is provided inside the box which explains how to assemble the plane’s landing gear and landing gear covers.
  • In addition to the model, a plastic display stand is included which the plane can be mounted upon. The stand is in two parts, and simply snaps together.
  • A bomb accessory is included which can be mounted underneath the aircraft.
  • The front propeller assembly must be attached to the aircraft, and simply snaps on to the front engine.
  • The plane comes with several landing gear and landing gear cover accessory pieces. This allows the plane to be accurately depicted in either flight mode or sitting on a runway.
  • For the most part, the SBD-3 is painted Navy Blue, with the underside of the plane painted grey. The propellers are painted black with yellow highlights.
  • Accurate and authentic 1940’s US Navy markings, decals, and paint throughout the model. A red and white alternating pattern decal can be seen on either side of the rear tail.
  • Other decal highlights include the red, white, and blue stars, “S-7” identification number, and more!
  • Clear plastic see-through cockpit and canopy which shows a detailed interior featuring the pilot and co-copilot’s seats, bomber sight, machine guns, and controls.
  • Accurately replicated modelled “Swiss-Cheese” dive flaps can be seen on the plane.
  • This plane model is marketed towards the adult collector and recommended to be displayed with other Militaria Warbirds die-cast scale models planes, especially those from the second World War. 

Packaging: The model comes shipped in a window-style box with an opening front flap with information such as armament capabilities and history of the real plane. The model set comes with a plastic display base that the plane can be mounted on if desired by the collector. The display base is in two parts and simply snaps together. Optional landing gear and landing gear cover accessories are provided. An instructional sheet is provided explaining the optional assembly of landing gear and landing gear cover accessories.


    Scale 1:72
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