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EA-6B Prowler - U.S. Marine Corps. VMAQ-2 Death Jesters, The Last Prowler, 2019 (1:72 Scale)

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SKU JCW-72-EA6B-001

The EA-6B Prowler is a twin-engine, four-seat electronic warfare aircraft used by the United States military. It was designed to disrupt enemy electronics, including radar systems and communication networks, and was used extensively by the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War and other conflicts.

VMAQ-2 Death Jesters is a U.S. Marine Corps electronic warfare squadron that operates the EA-6B Prowler. The unit is known for its proficiency in electronic warfare operations and has been involved in numerous military operations throughout its history. The Death Jesters have a reputation as one of the best EA-6B Prowler squadrons in the U.S. military, and have made significant contributions to the success of U.S. military operations through their ability to disrupt enemy electronics and communications.

Scale 1:72
Carton Volume (CBM)
Pack 6

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