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F-16C Fighting Falcon - USAF Texas ANG, 182nd FS, 149th FW, 70 years Anniversary Edition, 2017 (1:72 Scale)

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The F-16C Fighting Falcon is a single-engine, multirole combat aircraft used by the U.S. Air Force. It is capable of performing a variety of missions, including air-to-air combat, air-to-ground attack, and reconnaissance. The F-16C is a single-seat variant of the F-16 Fighting Falcon and is designed to be highly maneuverable and versatile, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of military operations.

The 182nd Fighter Squadron is a unit of the Texas Air National Guard's 149th Fighter Wing. The unit operates the F-16C Fighting Falcon and is responsible for providing air defense and support for a variety of missions. The 149th Fighter Wing is a highly capable unit that provides a wide range of capabilities to the U.S. military, including air defense, close air support, and reconnaissance.

The F-16C Fighting Falcon is a valuable asset for the 182nd Fighter Squadron and the 149th Fighter Wing, providing the unit with a versatile and highly maneuverable aircraft that is capable of performing a wide range of missions. The F-16C's advanced capabilities and reliability would have been valuable assets in any military operation, and the 182nd Fighter Squadron and the 149th Fighter Wing are well-equipped to carry out a variety of missions using this aircraft.

Scale 1:72
Pack Size 6
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