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German Battleship Tirpitz

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Tirpitz entered service in 1941 as the largest German ship to ever be produced. After completing sea trails, Tirpitz was sent to Norway in order to hold the soviet fleet at bay and protect against allied invasion. It also had the bonus effect of forcing the Royal naval position to extra ships in the North Sea so the Tirpitz could not gain access to the Atlantic Ocean. Tirpitz's notoriety however did paint it with a target, the allies committed large resources to sinking her. Eventually in November 1944, the Tirpitz was located. 32 Lancaster bombers were sent equipped with 12,000 pound bombs, 2 direct hits, and a third bomb expoded just to the side that caused the Tirpitz to capsize.

Scale 1:700
Carton Volume (CBM) 0.103
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