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German Sd.Kfz. 173 "Jagdpanther"

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Unlike the Tiger tanks, the Jagdpanther had only been categorised with two main variants during its service life.  The Early model known as G1s, had taken over the role from the Elefant in 654th heavy antitank battalion.  Jagdpanther basically carried the same 8.8cm gun used in both Ferdianand and the Nashorn, however its mechanical improvement and overall design had significantly superseded both these tanks.  Why is the Jagdpanther better comparatively?  it shared the same tank chassis with the mighty Panther, powered by a Maybach HL230 P30 V-12 petrol engine, which produces nearly 700 PS, offering a maximum speed of 46 Km/h, nearly 8 km/h faster than the Tigers.  To accommodate the heavier-calibre gun, similar to the previous Jagdpanzer-style untrurreted tank destroyers, the glacis plate and sloped hull sides of the Jagdpanther were extended up into an integral, turretless hull to provide a roomy interior for 5 operators including; driver, radio-operator, commander, gunner and loader.

The 8.8cm PAK43/3 L/71 gun was mounted in a central mantlet limiting the traverse travel of the gun with only 12 degrees to each side.  A single 7.92mm MG 34 machine gun for local defence was located in the right side of the front glacis plate.  The G1s model could easily be identified by its destincitive small-squared pattern “Zimmerit”, an anti-magnetic mine coating applied to most German tanks after late 1943.  Moreover, the G1s model had a smaller welded main gun mantlet, additional ammunition compartment located behind the hull, two vision openings for the driver and a mono-block gun barrel, which incurred the same problem like the 88mm Flak gun, the gun barrel was prone to heavy maintenance after heavy usage.
Scale 1:32
Carton Volume (CBM) 0.103
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