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German Sturmmorserwagen 606/4 Mit 38cm RW 61 L/3.5 "Sturmtiger"

SKU FOV-802001A

The German word "Blitzkreig" means lightning war, it was the core tactic Nazi Germany relied on during the early days of World War II and the result was astonishing; much of Europe was overrun within two years. It wasn't till the Battle of Kursk that the Germans confronted their first defeat against the Soviet Union. The heavy fortification developed by the Russians changed the course of their tactical direction. In a briefing by Albert Speer to the Fuhrer, he considered producing a howitzer using the Panzerkempwagen VI Tiger Chassis that used a 38-centimeter rocket for the Navy. The original intent for this weapon was to engage off-the-coast enemy submarines. It was capable to fire at a range of 3,000 meters until the army showed interest and made further modification on their own. This mighty 38-centimeter rocket improved its shooting range to a maximum of 5,000 meters.


On August 5, 1943, the Fuhrer ordered construction of this experimental assault howitzer, in less than 4 months Speers armament team finished constructing the prototype and presented it to the Fuhrer on October 20, 19743. Its army designation was Panermorse 38 auf Tiger, also known as the Sturmmorser. The first prototype visit was took place at the Arys Training Area in East Prussia. The prototype of the Sturmmoser was constructed based on the Tiger Chassis produced prior to August 1943, therefore its chassis was still equipped with road wheels & rubber rims and additional armor was bolted to the front hull armor. A noticeable difference of the prototype was the 20 gas openings in the edge of the early gun barrel sheath. A few letter stencils were pained at the front of the sloped fighting compartment to indicate some of the key specifications, 150m/4. The full stencils, however, in much historical footage was blocked by the headlight. That said, the Forces of Valor research team took an educated guess responding to this mystery; after studying numerous footages and literature we believe that 150m refers to the thickness of the frontal armor and 43 degrees indicates the front armor angle from vertical. 

Scale 1:32
Carton Volume (CBM) 0.078
Pack 6

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