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ISU-152 Tank Destroyer unidentified unit, Berlin Operation, April 1945

Arriving November 2020

SKU HG7055
The ISU-152 was a Soviet Self-Propelled gun produced in 1943 and nicknamed Зверобой “Zveroboy” (The Beast Killer)”. It had no turret making it necessary to maneuver the entire tank. One of the best uses for it was as a Tank Destroyer waiting to ambush German vehicles. The ISU-152 was also used in fire support as long as it was accompanied by heavily armored vehicles. The BL-10 main gun wasn’t always accurate and slow to aim but it did cause terrific damage if its shell hit the target.

The ISU-152 was used as a heavy assault gun in urban locations, SPG and a heavy tank destroyer. The ISU-152 was produced beginning in 1943 and ended with approximately 4,635 units being produced. The Battle of Berlin took place from April 16 – May 2, 1945 involving these Soviet forces wearing white stripes for recognition; 1st Belorussian Front led by Zhkov, 2nd Belorussian Front led by Rokossovsky, 1st Ukrainian Front led by Konev and Yeremenko's 4th Ukrainian Front to the south west of Konev to fight German forces in Saxony.
Scale 1:72
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