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Soviet T-34-85 Model 1944 Medium Tank

SKU FOV-801013A

Although the German Military had known about the T-34 for quite a long time, it wasn't until they encountered it in combat that they realized how much of a step forward the Tank was compared to previous Soviet designs.

Most noticeable was the glacis front plate of the Soviet T-34, which helped alleviate the impact from enemy weaponry. Even with these advances the T-34 was still outgunned and less damage resistant compared to its German counter parts, but the sheer quantity that they were able to produce the tank (almost 1200 a month at certain points in the war), gave the Soviet's a massive advantage when it came to the number of tanks they could deploy at any one point.

The initial version of the T-34s was equipped with a 76mm main gun, however it proved to be inefficient against their main rivals. in particular Tiger and Panther tanks.

As a result, upgrading the firepower of the T-34s became essential to the Russian's ability to fight back against the invading Germans.

Eventually the military ordinance department upgraded the T-34 to a 85 mm main gun which proved far more effective, and to distinguish the T-34s with different main guns. it was named T-34-76, and T-34-85 respectively. 

Scale 1:32
Carton Volume (CBM) 0.39
Pack 6

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