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Tornado IDS - 44+43, JaBoG 34 Allgau, Luftwaffe, 1980s

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The Panavia Tornado was a joint effort between the UK, West Germany and Italy to produce a two-seat, dual-engine aircraft with variable-sweep wings. The Tornado took its maiden flight on August 14, 1974 with the first aircraft being delivered to the German Air Force on July 27, 1979. There are three main variants of the Tornado, the IDS (interdictor/strike), ECR (electronic combat/reconnaissance) and ADV (air defense variant) interceptor. By the end of production in 1998 there had been 992 aircraft of all versions built of which 745 were IDS variants.

Over the years Bundeswehr (German Federal Air Force) Panavia Tornado 44+43 c/n
365/GS100/4143 served with JaboG 32, JaboG 34, JaboG 31, AG 51. JaboG 32 was the third unit to receive the Tornado IDS with JaboG 34 located at Memmingen becoming operational with their Tornado in June 1988. By the time JaboG 34 was disbanded in 2003 they had accumulated 450,000 flight hours. In 2007 Tornado 44+43 was retired and preserved at Birkenfeld. The aircraft is finished in a Norm83C camo scheme.

General specifications for the Panavia Tornado IDS
Country of origin – Italy, UK, West Germany
Service entry date – 1979
Crew – 2
Scale 1:72
Carton Volume (CBM)
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